Missed Period???

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Posted: Tue Jan 24, 2012 7:33 pm 
Post subject: Missed Period???
Ok so 6 months ago I had my little baby boy since having him I have been taking birth control. The 1st month following I had vaginal bleeding which is considered normal 3 months later I got my period finally which I thought it would be regular. So I considered having intercourse again with my husband. 2 months after I got my period I haven't gotten my period again and its been 2 months. What does this mean??!!! My doctor said to track it how am I suppose to track it if I haven't gotten it in almost 3 months. Usually I know when I'm gonna get my period because I get that empty feeling you get when your dropped in a roller coaster and for the past two days I have been having that feeling. But instead of my period the past two days I every time I urinate it is accompanied with clear mucous and bright red and browned coloring with the clear mucous. Can someone tell me whats happening with me and my body please!!!! And there is no way I am pregnant because all test come out negative.
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