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Posted: Sun Feb 19, 2012 8:10 pm 
Post subject: bleeding worry
My son is nearly 4mths old and I have had 7 days in this whole time without bleeding and that is only because the doc gave me a pill to take. Literally, every day I am bleeding (and not just spotting either) I had teh depo injection 3 weeks after birth so the doc reckoned initially that was what was causing it. However it has gone on and on and on so I have revisited a few times (esp as it had stopped and then hubby and I had sex and it strated again) Anyway, I was told it was one of 4 infection which swabs have since come back that all is clear, some left over placenta (I have a scan o fri to check for this) just hormonal or something more serious such as cervical cancer. This is stressing me out BIG time. The doc felt inside me and said my womb was quite lumpy as opposed to being smooth so she has sent me for an urgent referral to the gynae ( I am still waiting for an appt 2wks later though!)
Does anyone have any expereince of this? I just cant stop thinking the worst and just wish a doc would see me so at least I woud know wither way!
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Posted: Sun Feb 19, 2012 9:16 pm 
Post subject:
Im sorry I dont have any experience or advice as Ive not gone through this. The only thing that I would say is....although your GP sent your referral as urgent, sometimes the consultants who are the specialists review the referral and dont see it as urgent. The fact that you appear to have been put through on a routine pathway would hopefully suggest there is nothing major to be concerned about as far as the consultant is concerened, but I can imagine how much it will be worrying.

I hope you get your appointment and good news soon. Chase up your appointment though otherwise you are just going to worry yourself sick. Really hope to see you have good news to tell us very soon xxx
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