trying to conceive - tubal cannulation

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Posted: Sat Jun 02, 2012 4:42 pm 
Post subject: trying to conceive - tubal cannulation
i am new to these forums but have been lurking for a while and love the support you all give each other!!

a little about me:-
i have been with my other half 8 years -
we had an eptopic pregnancy in 2007 (tube removed), and have been trying to conceive ever since, i have had one ivf attempt with no joy and haven't got the funds to try again!

i had another lap and dye done in nov 2011 and it showed that my remaining tube is blocked at the cornual end (at the uterus) so i have been trawling the internet trying to find a way i could unblock my tube!! and i came across dr nardo who specialises in unblocking tubes (tubal cannulation).

I have just booked a consultation with him and was wondering if anyone else had seen him and if anyone has had a tubal cannulation and had success!

i hope i have posted in the right place! as all new to me!

jem xx
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Posted: Wed May 22, 2013 2:30 pm 
Post subject: Re: Post cannulation
Hi I had the cannulation procedure in Sept 2012 and since, have not fallen pregnant. They did tell me I was at high risk of ectopic but ...nothing...

After the op I was told that dye went through both tubes and that my fimbrae were fine
I checked my progesterone which is 53.6 it has gone up since last year when it was at 42.3 my fsh and lh i havent checked recently but they were both 4.2 so I am not sure where the problem is...partner has been checked...he is fine...I try to convince myself that we are missing my ovulation dates and that is the only problem..but then we have been trying for over six periods are 32 day cycle and fine....

I had been advised to go for IVF soon...but I am 43 just turned !

So not sure...i have been advised to do an AMH test if i am going for IVF

i have also been told to try really keeping my fingers crossed

taking multivits evening primrose oil...eating healthy not much caffeine going to the gym and trying not to stress....wishing you luck......... i know this post is old but it would be good to share.......
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