Has anyone flown with Ryanair??

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Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2012 9:12 pm 
Post subject: Has anyone flown with Ryanair??
Hi, I'm so excited, we're going abroad for the 1st time with JJ! Going camping in Italy with Eurocamp for 10 days and can't wait, his passport arrived today!

We're taking a car seat and stroller with us coz cheaper to take one than hire one and he's also rear facing and not sure car hire company would have a rear facing seat up to his age so have paid for this but I thought that the car seat would go in the cabin and he'd sit in that for the flight but found out now we have to check it in. I have been reading that you can sometimes take car seat and stroller to the door of the plane and staff will load it from there (which I can assume is safer than if bumping along down the conveyor belt thingy)
Anyway, what I wanted to know was...is this the case for Ryanair, and if not then can I do anything or wrap it in anything to keep it 'safe'. Has anyone else taken car seats and are they usually fine?

Also, there was no mention of seat numbers on my confirmation booking...is it 1st come 1st serve or will we be allocated seats closer to the time once checked in etc? Is there a chance we won't be sat together? I'm assuming however bad the airline they would sit at least one adult with a child of JJ's age (2)??

Also, I'm preggers again and am taking Pregnacare vitamins...I read something about only essential medication being allowed and that you have to have a written letter from medical professional and may have to go through an extra check with airport pharmacist etc etc. Are vitamins classed as medication? I don't really wanna stop taking them for 10 days as I'll only be just over 12 weeks when we go and would prefer to keep taking if I can but also don't wanna go through all that hassle!

Hopefully someone has had experience of all this and can give me some answers Smile

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Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2012 6:10 pm 
Post subject:
u take pushchair rite up to the plane. and asfor the vitamins i think ul be fine as i dont think they wud be classed as medication.

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