Is it all myths??

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Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2012 11:49 pm 
Post subject: Is it all myths??
Hi ladies, I'm going to start trying for my third baby August an as this will be the last I'm wondering if the things they say about trying to conceive a boy or girl are right?? I have 2 girls an would love a boy so I have been reading up on trying to conceive a boy an I'm just wondering if anyone has tried any of the tips an been successful.
Obviously I have totally grateful to be able to have children and I'm happy with what ever the sex is but maybe a little more effort could improve the chances of a boy???
I did they a miscarriage 3 yrs ago an i can't help think that was a boy an I'm maybe honna be one of these women that can only carry girls????
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Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2012 1:14 am 
Post subject:
My friend asked her doctor this as she has 4 boys and has had 2 mcs and thought she couldn't carry girls. Firstly, her consultant told her there is absolutely no truth to the myth that some women can't carry one of either sex. The sex of the baby is determined by the man, he is the one with both variations of chromosomes (women have the xx chromosome - men have xy). So you are absolutely able to carry both sexes.
However the two different sperm have different weaknesses and strengths. For example one lives longer but is slower - so is more likely to fertilize an egg from sex longer before ovulation. The others die sooner but swim faster so are more likely to fertilize an egg from sex closer to ovulation. One set is more sensitive to heat, one is killed by caffiene, etc (I forget which way round they said it was but I imagine it's easy to google) and some men because of lifestyle etc are more likely to produce a particular sex. (I'm not sure whether there are other things like chromosomal abnormalities that can affect his ability to produce a particular sex? Might be worth asking your doctor).

As for influencing the sex, he told her there were things she could try to influence it one way other another (like timing sex at a certain point from ovulation, changing her partner's lifestyle to encourage that "sex" sperm to be the successful one )but that none of it is an exact science and may not yeild the desired response, and that her chances of conceiving at all were better if she could just relax and enjoy regular unprotected sex with her partner and hope that she is blessed with the sex she would like.

Sorry, I have no personal experience of it, I only have one child and when ttc had no preference so was not trying to influence it one way or another - just thought I'd share the info I did have, even if it is second hand!

Good Luck with your ttc journey!
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