recall from doctors after a d and c

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Posted: Sat Mar 24, 2012 12:43 pm 
Post subject: recall from doctors after a d and c
hi not sure which category i should post this in really,

had a prem baby before christmas 13 weeks early hes an absolute miracle and count my blessings after seeing others on the unit not so fortunate. a few months after he was born i kept collapsing was checked by the hospital to find i was 11 weeks pregnant must have caught 2 weeks after birth of my son. A week later i miscarried which i have put down to my body not recovering from early childbirth so shortly before. i had a d and c and they made me sign lots of paper work to do tests cant remember what for was too upset to register. we have coped with our loss because we shorty afterwards had our beautiful son home to make us realise were lucky to even have him. Problem is ive now this morning had a letter recorded delivery from doctors to say after correspondense from obstetrics and gynae please book an appointment, d and c was 6 weeks ago, has anyone had similar to know what they could possibly be calling me in for? cant believe how cruel they are sending a letter out knowing you will get it on a sat and cant do anything until monday Question have tried googling to no avail xx
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Posted: Sun Mar 25, 2012 9:33 am 
Post subject:
Sounds like maybe a routine follow up appointment Question If it was urgent then they would probably have said in the letter, it is normal to have some sort of follow up after even minor surgery , generally you'd get that from the hospital but maybe they think your GP can do it Question FX it's nothing to worry about xx
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