Tests after ectopic

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Posted: Sat Mar 24, 2012 3:07 pm 
Post subject: Tests after ectopic
I saw my GP today - she's seen me through all my fertility tests up here in the Midlands and she is the nicest woman ever and on top of all that, she is the one who actually gets everything sorted out for me ASAP. Last time i saw her, nat suggested about me asking for a hsg test and 21 day bloods to see if there's any blockages or whether I'm actually ovulating etc.

Anyway, she's spoken to the consultants at the Women's Hospital and they have said they are reluctant to do a hsg test because although the dye could tell if there are any blockages there could be risk of infection, radiation and there's no way to check to see if the lining of my last tube is working properly. They will do one in 6 months if we still haven't concieved.

She has, however, suggested that we do the 21 day bloods and I'm already booked in with the nurse in two weeks time to have my blood taken. I have so many holes in my arm I swear people must think I'm a junkie! Laughing

It looks as though I will have to do the tests for several months because my cycles are all over the place and I don't know when I'm actually ovulating. But I've got a few ovulation sticks left so I'll be testing next week to see if anything happens.

So, it's been a kinds weird but strangely uplifting day so far.

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Posted: Sun Mar 25, 2012 9:28 am 
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FX if you can sort your cycles out then you wont need the HSG Smile .
If you did want one for peace of mind though they are relatively cheap to have privately (300 or less) and you can get anti B's prescribed to make sure you don't get an infection, there's also the Hycosy which uses ultrasound not x-rays Smile she is right though even if your tube shows clear it's not a guarantee that the little hairs are intact or that it functions properly, it's just one more thing to tick off the list though Smile Did she give you any clue as to what they could do to try and help with your cycles Question
From a site I was reading it does seem like a low GI or low carb diet really helps some women with PCO/PCOS or annovulatory cycles though (low carb diets are a killer though, I don't even like bread but i get bread cravings when I try them Rolling Eyes Laughing ) good luck xx
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Posted: Wed Apr 04, 2012 8:43 am 
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Very Happy Good luck hunni XX
Tubal Reversal 19/7/10
Angel Baby due 18/5/2011 (ectopic)
Angel Baby due 25/1/2012 (m/c)
Angel Baby due 21/6/2012 (m/c)
All 3 much loved and wanted xx
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