Naps/Early starts???

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Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2012 1:18 pm 
Post subject: Naps/Early starts???
Just a quick one, we stopped Archies nap a while ago and things were great sleeping 7-7, after 2 spells in hospital he has fell back into having a nap.

I have tried to stop them again but can't!! If I pop up to put Charlotte down I come down and find him asleep, he goes to my mums 2 afternoons a week and she lives 2 mins away and he will nod off and can you wake him its like waking the dead lol!!

Anyway while he is having these naps anything from 5mins if I catch him to an hour if in the car, he is going to sleep later but gets up earlier, can't handle anything before 6.30am as in my eyes its the middle of the night!

Tried put back to bed routine but do it for 2 hours then its time to get up!

What do people think I should do?

Thanks Jen xx

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