Newbie! Please help very confused :(( xxx

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Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2012 9:21 am 
Post subject: Newbie! Please help very confused :(( xxx
Good morning girlies
I was hoping you could help me.
I am very confused at the minute, and I hope I have posted in the right place.
I have a three year old little boy who is starting p1 in September and my partner is very keen for us to
Start trying for number two, it's all he talks about, and very much one minute I feel I am ready and because of the age gap it is a good time, but I had always said for the next one I want to be married as I am
No longer with my sons father, and I want the security of a family unit to bring the next one into.

Anyway from we have discussed it over a month ago I was a bit more lazy daisy on the pill and had missed a few at times.
I think I kind of had the idea if it's mean to be it will happen and t will help make up my mind because I would very much love another but I want the circumstances to be differen. So my "period" came on the 31st of march but this lasted 7 days and there was no blood at all or any red (sorry if it's tmi) but I clotted the whole week and it was dark brown, no red. When I went to the docs for my smear I mentioned it and she said it sounded like a miscarriage but done a pregnancy test and it came negative so we put this out of our heads.

The thing is I haven't went back on the pill and I obv don't know when I will ovulate if I have not already but obv going by the first day of the withdrawal bled would I be right In saying I could have maybe ovulated already by now.

My concern is I came off the pill for MY first and I didn't even get a period the next month I became pregnant straight away, and I know chances of this happening again are slim but we have had quite a bit of unprotected love making as he is very excited knowing I haven't went back on it I think he sees this has his opportunity and I really don't mean to be insensitive as I know this is a forum for those really trying to get pregnant and I send u all my love and I hope u get the results you want very soon but because I'm still very much going back and forth over situations I was thinking of maybe going back On the pill till I work it out more in my head, would it be dangerous to do this and should I wait to see if my period comes. I love my partner and son more than anything ad I know how much they both want another addition and I really really want one too but the the only thing stopping me is not having the commitment and security of a family for bringing a wee one into the world. My partner knows how I feel about this ad we are only together a year and I know we will be getting married, but he wants a big family and wants to start now for Age gaps and things so we can save up for a wedding etc.

Sorry if this was long winded, it's prob reflecting how confused I am at the min, i thinking im trying to choose with my head as opposed to my heart but at the same time if it happens I will be delighted and I don't want to go back
On it if it could already happened by now like it happened with my first

Any help would be really appreciated, I send u all my love fingers crossed that you get the results u want! Xxxxx
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