Housing association banning kids from playing out !!

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Posted: Sat Apr 02, 2016 5:04 pm 
Post subject: Housing association banning kids from playing out !!
Hi, ladies!
I'm wondering if anyone can help me due to a couple of neighbors moaning about kids playing outside. Confused (Even though they are all under 12. And it wasn't even a football!!) We have received a letter from our housing association. It says “children can’t go out on bikes or scooter. Can’t any kind of ball games. Must all be in either back garden or home by 7pm”!!
Surely they can't do this. And is it not against some sort of human rights or something?? I don't know where to start getting advice or legal advice? Or how to go about disputing this??
Any thoughts appreciated x
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Posted: Sat Apr 02, 2016 5:11 pm 
Post subject:
Hello! This is very confusing. I wonder what could make your neighbors act in such a way..
Are these children being supervised or are they just allowed to run feral? If they are not supervised are they a nuisance to other neighbors? Why can't they just play in the garden anyway Question
Are they sticking to the pavement or are they on and off the road etc? There is no human right that says any child should be a nuisance to anyone else. If they are not being supervised then they could very well becoming a problem for other residents.
You have to consider that to you they might be just playing. To someone else they could be annoying and riding around on bikes and scooters. To some people after 7pm it especially could be very intimidating no matter how old the children are.
Anyway keep researching on the point. Good luck!
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