PND or something else..?

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Posted: Wed May 02, 2012 8:59 pm 
Post subject: PND or something else..?
Hi, I know this may seem a silly question but I'm struggling to work out what's wrong with me? I have a history of Depression which was previously managed by counselling and antidepressants. Since having lo I've had the usual ups and downs, but just lately I feel different - and not in a good way Sad

The best way I can describe it is, since having my lo I've had to put on my responsible, serious "mummy head" and I don't know how to be anything else. My lo is only 15 months so still fairly new at this. I just seem to have forgotten how to have fun, or remember who I am? For example if I get a "night off" instead of letting my hair down, I'm a miserable so n' so! I don't enjoy any of the things I used to, and struggle to think of things I'd actually like to do. Don't get me wrong I do enjoy time with my lo, but it all gets a bit auto-pilot. That statement alone worries me - I feel I should be loving every minute of it.

Is this normal? Could this be PND or likely to be the Depression worming it's way back in? During my pregnancy I finished my counselling and obv had to come off the meds, but I was absolutely sure I'd worked through any issues. Now I'm stuck in a rut, I complain that I don't have any fun, and given the opportunity I am too up-tight to do so!!

Luckily my other half is very supportive, and tries his best but like most people with Depression I push him away. I'm feeling very low, worried and confused. Does anyone else feel this way? Before I could afford private counselling but now I can't, so my only option would be NHS - to which there is a 6 month waiting list Shocked

Any advice would be a great help, thank you x
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Posted: Thu May 03, 2012 6:33 am 
Post subject:
i think when you get the opportunity to go out then you should, i know how easy it is to think 'i'v got a night off il stay in and have an early night' but sometimes you need that time out to be you.

i try and make sure i get one night a month where my daughter goes to her dads overnight and i go out, and quite often i make plans, and then i will have had a few bad nights with sam and think il just stay in, but my friends talk me round and il go out and have a good time. i find it really boosts me to have a night out.

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