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Posted: Sun May 06, 2012 3:47 pm 
Post subject: work
hi everyone, I am a first time mum with a baby boy due in august.

I am currently 25 weeks pregnant and still suffering with morning sickness/nausea. I have been away from work for most of my pregnancy due to this problem (aswell as using all my holdiay entitlement when I caught the flu from my husband) I am currently taking cyclizine and wearing travel sickness bands on my wrist (both of which are having little effect)

After a few problems with members of management and being given information that was against the law causing stress and panic attacks I stood up to my bosses handing them 20 pages of pregnancy law and I thought things were improving but the last few times I have turned in to work I have quickly been sent home due to lightheaded-ness, or I simply haven't been given the chance to work at all and been sent home by the HR manager with the excuse that I don't appear fit to work and recomending I see the doctor ect.

I was told that there wasn't work for me anywhere else in the factory and that they would use the last of my holidays and hopefully I would be better by then.... a week later and a self certificate and there is still no change...

I have 3 weeks until my maternity leave starts (which i have started as early as possible due to these issues) and it's just going to be the same attitudes when i return to work next week. I'm not sure what my rights are with this and wether or not my managers are trying to force me back to the doctors (who will not give me a sicknote) so that they don't have to suspend me on full pay.

Sorry for the long post I was just wondering if anyone had been through anything similar with their employer or had any advice?

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