my 3 year olds attitude and behaviour

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Posted: Sun Apr 29, 2012 2:23 pm 
Post subject: my 3 year olds attitude and behaviour
hi there, havnt used this site for ages but really would like to know if this is normal behaviour for my three year old,he has always been quick on the uptake where his language is concerned. iv been told by many people hes grown up for his age. and hes got the understanding there 95% of the time, recently i feel hes going backwards especially in his behaviour, his patience has never got better he still screems at me if his food isnt on the table right now which is what he has always done. isnt patience supose to get better as they get older? another thing he became potty trained begining of jan this year, this last couple of weeeks hes been holding on to his wees for such a long time even though he knows he needs to go, then hel just wet himself. hes already had problems with poos which were now sorting with laxitives, maybe this is the reason. his behaviour is really getting me down,im a single parent and i have him 24/7. i love him to bits but dont feel im coping to well at the moment. hes constantly wingy and so argumentative, hes started awnswering back to everything i ask him to do or not do. not sure what i can do.
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