Lactose intolerant?

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Posted: Tue May 08, 2012 4:15 pm 
Post subject: Lactose intolerant?
Hi ladies

Been having a few problems with little Harry, he has been projectile vomiting, also he would bring milk up in his mouth. But seemed to be in so much pain. Everytime he fed he would scream in pain until either his next feed or until exhaustion hit. I took him to the docs who prescribed gaviscon infant. This helped but not cured his screaming in pain, so took him back to GP who then asked if he had it from birth I said yes ( so not due to being bottle fed as he was bf fed until I got really ill). So he has now been prescribed lactose free formula. Only my Hv is v unhappy as he hasn't done any tests or sent him to see peadatrition. I'm worried that because he hasn't been officially diagnosed thro tests but since being on the new formula he is like a different baby, much happier and only been sick once in a week.
He was gaining weight almost too quickly over 1lb2oz in one week, where he was comfort eating demanding food almost to help with tummy ache.
Should I ask doctor to refer him or just continue with diet as he is a happier chappy
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Posted: Wed May 09, 2012 11:56 am 
Post subject:
hey hun,
my 3rd LO Kieran was a screamer when he was little, but after 2 amazingly good babies i just thought it was 3rd time unluckly!
he, just like ur LO screamed all the time, he seemed to have constant tummy ache, always passing wind, then he got eczema and started having blood in his already runny poos, and it was actually my HV who asked me about him as i took him to her as i was concerned about the blood in his nappy, n she suggested a hypoallergenic milk (nutramigen), so i went to GP who agreed, after literally 2 days he was a completely different baby!!
anyway the point of this reply was that its is only now that Kieran is 2 that he is being refered to a nutritionist and allergy specialist. i think it can be quite common in babies, and they usually grow out of it, but my GP said thats its only once they are 2 they class it as a proper allergy rather than a baby intolerance and then go down the route of allergy specialistand nutritionist as obviously its still very important for them to be getting enough calcium etc.
also i know docs work different in different areas so it may be my doc that just suggests this, but if ur baby is much happier on the lactose free milk id keep him on it xXx
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Posted: Wed May 09, 2012 1:33 pm 
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My little one was constantly uncomfortable, never really got to the bottom of it, ended up with best of a bad job as my GP and health visitor were really not helpful so put her on comfort milk where the lactose is partially digested, this helped but as soon as she was on solids and starting on the staple pudding of yoghurt, of given cheese, or chocolate she would get a tummy ache. When we took her off formula and onto cows milk things were ok for a time and then she started getting really bad smelly wind, revolting poo's and always a sore tummy, so I took things into my own hands and put her on lactose free milk and things have improved. But I would request a dietician referral, or paeds referral from your doc, mums instinct is surprisingly good!
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