sleeping patterns

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Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2012 4:05 pm 
Post subject: sleeping patterns
my one month old doesnt really sleep in the day Question

he has about 20 mins in the morning and maybe two 20 mins in the afternoon. there have been a few occasions where i have been out and about and hes slept for longer in the car or puschchair but thats it!

at night he sleeps from 8.30 - 1 or 1.30 feeds takes around 20 mins to settle then sleeps til 4.30 is up again feeds unsettled for about 30 mins and then sleeps til 7.30 maybe 8am.

surely this isnt enough? Question when he is awake he cries or whinges unless he has a dummy in his mouth which he keeps spitting out after 10 mins as i dont think he likes it all that much but it gives me 10 mins of peace!

if my daughter was unsettled or not sleeping i used to walk her around in the pushchair but i cant do that as i have evelyn and she takes alot of convincing to go out for a walk!

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