Organic Formula milk

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Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2012 4:58 pm 
Post subject: Organic Formula milk
Hi all.
Just signed up on here today as after some advice re the above. My little boy is just over a month old and is very slow to gain weight. He has only gained around 5 ounces since birth and my Health Visitor is concerned. I am breastfeeding and have had problems with him latching on therefore am having to use nipple shields which i am unsuccessfully trying to wean him off. Both the health visitor and my GP think the nipple shields may be preventing him from getting the good quality/calorific breastmilk as some days he feeds for 1.5 to 2 hours in one session! They have both advised I give him a small amount (2 oz) of formula milk just before each time I breastfeed. I myself was allergic to cows milk when I was a child and am not keen however feel I must go with this advice as the most important thing is for him to gain weight and be healthy. Have any of you used organic formula? I am keen to do this but somebody told me that the well known brand on the market (HIPP does not contain all of the nutrients that a baby needs. Help please, am feeling SO confused.
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Posted: Mon Jun 18, 2012 9:29 am 
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Hi and welocme to AB.

Just wondering if you have tried expressing and what you have manged to express?
I only ask as I was trying to feed my eldest for 2 weeks when she was first born and it turned out I wasn't actually producing any milk, so she was suggling for hours on end, but getting nothing and losing a lot of weight. It was only when she was admitted to hospital that all this was work out.

Hope this is of some help xx
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Posted: Mon Jun 18, 2012 10:00 am 
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I would maybe try expressing ,not when he's due a feed just to see how much you get and then you can see if this is just a latching issue or perhaps a supply issue (although a poor latch will also eventually create a supply problem )
If you get plenty when expressing then it does seem like the nipple sheilds are causing the problem Question
I would maybe then try a little expressing before a feed just to get the milk down and draw your nipples out so he can try and latch without the sheilds and if the milks there and waiting it often helps encourage them Smile
, if that doesn't work then maybe express more regularly and feed him that as a top up (after a breast feed I would never say to give a top up before or it could make him even less willing to latch Question I wouldn't let the feed go on for an hour first though)
I'd be less willing to try formula at this point if i'd had a milk allergy and wouldn't really want to mix the two in a feed as it could be a bit much for him if he's not used to it ,
if you really want him to have breast milk but can't get over this issue then expressing and bottle feeding might be another option ?
I would want to check he could feed from a bottle though as that could perhaps be an issue as well ? Sometimes even a mild form of tongue tie can cause feeding problems for babies Question
i do think you HV isn't being the most supportive though in this and in helping you find the right way forward by just telling you to give him formula as you may have plenty of milk Question It's just a matter of getting him to drink it Smile
As far as the Hipp organic milk goes though I did use it with my youngest when he started weaning for his mealtime drink (as I wanted him to learn to use a cup 0 and he loved it and never had an issue with drinking that and having breast feeds as well, but he was about 5 months then Question xxx
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