Maybe an infection?

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Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2012 9:24 pm 
Post subject: Maybe an infection?
I posted a little while ago about heavy bleeding after an implant. I went to the Drs and was put on a estrogen only pill for a 28 days. I only had the occasional spotting whilst on it and the day after i had taken my last one i had some very light bleeding. It stopped and was replaced with (TMI) a yellow/brown discharge. That stopped and has been replaced with a brown mucus Confused
I had a termination in april due to health concerns and had the implant put in before the bleeding had stopped from that. So if it is an infection i may have missed it because of all the bleeding.
From what i've read on the leaflets i was given when i left hospital it's not the right colour for infection and i have no pains. I've had a fever on and off but have had an infection in my mouth after some dental work, so it could be that.
I've also had Thursh on and off since i stopped the pill and water infections that seem to start as soon as they stop.
I plan on trying to get into the drs tomorrow, i was going to go last week but they were on strike Sad
Does any of this sound familiar to anyone?
Fretting a little now and tomorrow is an age away!
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