Pattern fpr 5 month old and feeding.......

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Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2012 6:43 pm 
Post subject: Pattern fpr 5 month old and feeding.......

I need some advice please Very Happy my little boy is just over 5 months and on hungry milk, we have been giving him lunch and a dinner (1-2 tablespoons at each) for a couple of weeks, he is also draining 4-5 7-8oz bottles of hungry milk. He has been pretty unsettled and the health visitor thinks he is prob hungry she has advised to reduce his milk intake to 6oz per bottle and try to up his food intake! My question is how much roughly should we be giving him per meal?

Also when can we start giving him petit fluer yogurts? as I may try and introduce a breakfast.

This is a rough schedule:

5.30- 6am - 7-8 oz bottle

8am - Breakfast (starting tomorrow)

11am (ish) 6oz bottle

12pm lunch

3-4ish - 5-8 oz bottle

6.00 - dinner

7pm - 70z bottle

Does this seem ok??

I feel like he is try to increase his milk intake, think he would take 10oz of the stuff if he could.

Also I need ideas for meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner Very Happy

Thank you xxxxxx
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Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2012 7:31 pm 
Post subject:
I was told to increase by a tablespoon every couple of days, once the initial 'tasting' couple of weeks was over. i was told yoghurts from straight away at 5 months, but some say no dairy until 6 months Confused

also when my daughter seemed too hungry on just veg and fruit my hv said to introduce meat and fish. i used to just do a fish finger take the batter off and mix it with pureed veg and mashed potato. or grate meat in with pureed veg and mash, or fish finger with a small amount of mashed baked beans (makes lovely nappies Laughing )

once they get to 6 months you can introduce pasta, bread and wheat based proudcts

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