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Posted: Fri Jun 22, 2012 1:37 am 
Post subject: I have a questions?
I was on the mirena IUD for 3 1/2yrs with no period for 2yrs and got off the IUD on May 13th, 2012, started my period 4 days after. I had it for a good wk of bleeding like normal, then 1wk of off and on spotting. My hubby were having unprotected sex and my spotting stop right ofter we had intercourse(May 21, 2012) that wk sex almost every night. Well, June 1st started gettin light cramping off and on during the wk, even to now.. Started getting nipple and areola sensitivity June 5th and still continues to be sensitive now. Also, got nausea with vomiting last sunday from morning to night with headache and can't smell somethings without felling nausea . Tired, can't sleep sometimes on my stomach cuz it cramps.. I took a 99 cent store test on the June 8th(NEGATIVE), blood test June 13th(NEGATIVE), took First Response test June 18th(FAINT POSITIVE), and then took Answer June 21, Today.. (NEGATIVE).. Am i Pregnant or Not Pregnant????
I need advise cuz Im telling family Im prego by the faint positive and all the rest coming out NEGATIVE..
Need advise please!!
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