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Posted: Fri Jun 22, 2012 9:39 pm 
Post subject: Maternity Allowance...
Hello all...
Well i only work 13.5 hours so i know i wont get maternity pay from work...
Im now 35+3 and i still havent recieved a letter from work to state this and i need to send it to the jobcentre!!!
Does anyone know if they 1) back pay you? & 2) how long it usually takes for it to be processed?
Im fuming because i handed my matb1 form in aaages ago and she came back and said that she needed it again.. So did that. NOW!! they are saying it wasnt even on system!! But they have put it on now so should recieve a letter by the end of next week! Im so worried because this is my only form of income due to lo been my 1st baby and i cant claim child tax/child benefit until baby is born....
Sorry just really needed a rant! Can anyone shed light on my situation or anyone been in this situation?
Thanks for reading Smile Xxx

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