Bad behaviour from my friends' kids... advice needed!

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Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2012 1:41 pm 
Post subject: Bad behaviour from my friends' kids... advice needed!
Hi mums,

I'm a bit narked off and don't know how to resolve this... I can't tell my husband cos he'll be bullish about it, and demand I stop seeing my friends.

[names have been changed...]

The mum friends I hang out with are Sue and Jo. Sue has 2 girls, 4 year old and 2 year old. Jo has daughter Amy who's 4, and son Bob who's 2 1/2 The mums are lovely, great support and like minded, however the kids are really beginning to bug me. My son Bill is the youngest at 20 months and the smallest (just).

Everytime we get together the four kids are too rough with Bill - if he has a toy or a ball someone will snatch it off him. Bob is VERY rough with him and will push him over for no reason whatsoever - I've watched him many times. Bill is so laid back he doesn't snatch back or fight back, he just gives in. Sometimes Sue and Jo step in, but at one point today I watched Bob blatantly grab Bill and try to knock him over: I yelled for him to stop, and Jo made excuses saying Bob was trying to help Bill up a step (he was not!). I then made a remark about Bill being little and picked on, to which Sue and Jo made excuses.

I love spending time with S and J, and some of the time the kids play nicely. The older girls take toys off Bill, and I've had to step in a few times. How do I deal with this? Jo's 2 kids are so loud and play too rough, I won't have them round my house. I don't wanna cut myself off from them.... I don't want to offend them, but i'm upset for Bill.....

How do I tackle this without upsetting them and losing my good friends?
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