fighting a loosing battle

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Posted: Sat Aug 08, 2015 8:44 pm 
Post subject: fighting a loosing battle
With my kids at 4yr old won't go off to sleep for at least 2hours after putting her to bed.
She's always had a problem sleeping, when she was in a room of her own she used to cry every hour til I put her in bed with me or slept in hers just to stop her crying I'm sure next door had heard enough.
She used to wake up saying I want someone with me, we ended up putting our 6yr old in with her ao they now share a room. But I now have the problem of 4yr old just being naughty and not going down to sleep. I've tried everything!! I think Its seperation from me.
She has a good routine and plenty of running around and playing and nice cuddle up story time, if I'm lucky shel fall asleep while I read but if she doesn't she just sits up and tells me she's not tired. I leave the room with her looking at a book or just cuddling a teddy then 5mins later she's getting out of bed calling me. I've taken toys away, play dates away. Atm I shut her in room for 5mins at a time but this lasts an hour a night of her crying while I hold thw door. My 6yr old is struggling as she's tired and can't sleep through it all, if I seperate the rooms again 4yr old might wake all night again. I feel I'm failing and turning into something I hate, I smack her bum most nights and I hate myself for it. I know Ita not making a difference I don't know why I do it. I've tried thw putting her back to bed without speaking etc but it never seems to work for more than one night and I'm sure thats just luck Sad how do u cope with bedtime and siblings?

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