Greedy Boy

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Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2012 9:36 am 
Post subject: Greedy Boy
George is loving his solids and is on 4 meals a day. The problem I have is he is so greedy and has proper strops when his food is finished. i don't want to over feed him which I think you could easily do.

How much food should a 6 month old be having at one sitting do you think?
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Posted: Sun Jul 01, 2012 3:49 am 
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my daughter was (and still is) the same. she loved solids and i was worried that she was eating too much, but we started with tastes at 5 months, then by 6 months she was on proper meals, and i asked the hv how much and she said the equivalent of a small jar and maybe half a jar of pudding, or a petit filous. i never did jars so had no idea how much was in one, but i had some small round tubs from the pound shop which i would put her food in and i would do it 3/4 full of meal and half full of fruit puree for pudding

as long as he is maintaining his weight i would just go with what he wants. they generally slow down with their eating when they start getting more interested in other things, as its too boring to sit and eat, they would rather be playing!

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Posted: Sun Jul 01, 2012 8:34 am 
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Connor is still exactly the same! he eats and eats and i swear he has no idea when to stop!
once he has finished his dinner he SCREAMS (not cries, just throws a paddy!) until he gets his pudding and SCREAMS again once he has finished this!
he will even sometimes eat all of his and anyones leftovers! Shocked
to begin with i thought well if he wants it he must be hungry, but im not so sure anymore! i really do just think he doeant know when to stop, so now i give him his dinner n pudding and a drink and then try and distract him and it does tend to work.

sorry rambled on a bit there! i think some babies eat more than others but aslong as he is not shooting up on the weight percentiles he should be ok! is kind of hard to say an amount...
especially at 6 months as some babies would have already been weaned for upto 2 months and some will only just be starting out...

but i know it didnt take any of mine to be eating a whole mushed banan with some baby rice, or a whole weetabix with some banana for breakfast, then for dinners and lunch a small bowlful (like a kids/weaning size bowl?)
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