4 days late and scared to test...

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Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2012 10:39 pm 
Post subject: 4 days late and scared to test...
I never thought I'd post something like this because the obvious answer is "TEST", but I'm two failed IVF's down and am waiting to start my third, and final, IVF cycle. I have a fertility monitor and for the fun of it kept track of my ovulation days and cycle lengths during these two months they require you to take off between cycles. They tell you your cycles will be off (meaning unusually long). The first month my cycle was 35 days, but I didn't have an LH surge until day 20 and 21 and then AF came on Day 35. This month, my LH surge was on day 14 and 15. I am on day 34 today and am crampy, etc, but no AF. No other real symptoms. Boobs are not sore. My back hurts a bit and my lower abdomen feels "heavy". I'm expecting AF any moment and keep going to the restroom to both go and check. It's maddening, but having been in this boat for over a year...seeing a negative pregnancy test is somehow worse. I know I sound insane and am sure I will break down and test, but wanted to see if there were any other IVF'ers out there with the same experience?
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Posted: Wed Jul 04, 2012 6:01 am 
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Not done IVF myself, but if you had your peak on day 14-15 then your af would have arrived by day 28-30, as your LP is normally the same give or take a day.

my dad and his 2nd wife had 2 lots of IVF, 1 failed and 1 ended in miscarriage, then found out she was pregnant naturally before the 3rd. so its possible

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Posted: Fri Jul 27, 2012 10:43 am 
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idk much bout fertility drugs but good luck n baby dust! *BFP*BFP*!!! .... sorry i cant help tho..
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Posted: Fri Jul 27, 2012 11:56 am 
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I've read of loads of women getting natural BFP's either just before a cycle or just after a failed cycle or even after a successful one Laughing as long as you have tubes and produce eggs then there is a chance you are pregnant,
I can totally see why you wouldn't want to test and face possible disappointment it is possible to get a peak on a cbfm but not ov then and ov later in the month , so I suppose late ov is still possible Question , but if there's any chance you might need progesterone suppositories or extra checks because of damaged tubes then I'd say testing sooner would be better so you can get any help you need Smile , if there are no issues then there's no real reason to test yet if you'd rather not Question
We had a Lady in the reversal section whose IVF clinic told her she should test before coming in for her next app if AF hadn't arrived by then so she did not expecting anything and got a huge surprise BFP (after being told her only tube was completely blocked) and her little girl is now one Smile
When I was at the gynae clinic last year discussing my options (my last tube is blocked) and talking about IVF the doc was saying how the waiting list time tends to drop because a lot of the unexplained fertility women get their BFP's once they go on the list Shocked Laughing So it must be fairly common Question
FX this is it for you xxx
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