Skin Scrape On Finger

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Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2012 6:30 pm 
Post subject: Skin Scrape On Finger

While waiting at our local vets getting our cat his annual boosters, my daughter managed to get her finger stuck in one of the bars of his plastic carry cage.
Had to pull it out (gently i mite add). She has taken some of the skin off her finger.
Has 2 scrapes on either side of her middle finger on right hand.

Looks red and sore, have washed it as much as i can with anti-bacterial wipes and have put some antiseptic cream on (althou the cream didnt stay on long!!) thought it was pointless trying to put a finger plaster on a toddler!!!!

Im ovbiously going to keep a close eye on the wounds as it was near the cat, but is there anything special i need to look for in terms of infection?
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