My 3 year old daughter keeps being sick

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Posted: Mon May 07, 2012 4:23 pm 
Post subject: My 3 year old daughter keeps being sick
I need some advice, my 3 year old daughter keeps being sick, she has been like this for roughly 3 months now. She runs around all day and seems fine but when she has her dinner in the evening around 5.30 5.45pm she eats alittle amount has 2 small sips of juice or water then brings up everything she has eaten. We have been puzzled by this so checked the ingredients on the juice bottle and thought she might have a problem with sulphur dioxide thats in the juice, so we changed the juice she seemed fine for a week then this morning she got up had cereal and was sick again this time with no juice. Please help as im going out of my mind with worry.
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