Is anybody willing to help out?

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Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2008 7:19 pm 
Post subject: Is anybody willing to help out?
Hi ladies,

We've just had our EDD scan, and its been confirmed that the due date is 15th Sept, and all looks like its going to plan!

Im hoping though that perhaps some of you maybe able to help me out....Im studying for my MA in Radio in London at the moment and as part of the course I make short radio features.

With all that is going on with my hormones and body at the moment I am finding it hard to think about much else! So this is where you could potentially come in useful?!

Im hoping to sort of kill two birds with one stone and make a feature about being pregnant. The difference being that I want to find out what its like for the men, to put their honest, frank opinions into a ten minute piece.

Does anyone live in either the Hereford area or in and around London who has a partner who is willing to do a short interview with me? It doesnt have to be long and I'll throw in a coffee and maybe a slice of cake for their troubles.

It would be really helpful if any of the gents could get involved msg me on here and we can make some arrangements.

Hope you can help

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