please help me everyone, need answers on my chart

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Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2012 11:13 am 
Post subject: please help me everyone, need answers on my chart
hi everyone

im trying to concieve and i really need help on my charting as im confused.
i always thought i had a cycle of 28 days, but i don't know if i do anymore
my period is every month and before it used to be ontime every month, but now it changes to about 2 days early than my expected dates
here are my periods i've had from the past few months?

April- 29th ( 6 days)
May- 27th (6 days)
June- 22nd (6 days)
July-20th (6 days)
August-16th (6 days)

All my periods last 6 days and has never ever lasted shorter or longer so the length of my period stays the same.

what i want to know is now that i finish my AF tommorow,
when can i start trying?
when do i ovulate?
and lastly when i do the fertile calender online, and it asks me how long my cycle is:
how long is it? 27 days? or 28? or more or less?

please can someone help me on this as i really need to know my fertile days and how long my cycle is so i can start trying from tommorow
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