peacefull night sleep

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Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2012 8:43 am 
Post subject: peacefull night sleep
Hello All
My name is Micheal and I will be writing on a behalf of my familly.
As it is my first entry I would like to say HI to All.

My question concern my 20 months daugther.
She is growing very well, no eating problems, and in general she is a healthly baby.
She is not im kinder garden yet, but as our familly is big, her days are full of activities, especialy afternonn (after her midday nap- no problems with this)
Evening bad time. She falls a sleep with a bottle in her cot, NOW durring her sleep she moves left and right, calling mamma, papa, shes bouncing back and forward of the cots bars, what wakes her up, she cry occasionaly. We already decided to leave her cry for a bit, and then she falls a sleep again. But this happen during tye night 2-3 times.
Around 6am she' s so exosted and we give her a bottle, and finally her sleep is undisturb till 9.

What can cause so much of her night movment- is it to much going on during the day, or maybe it is the time to take her out of the cot, so she doesnt hit herself and wont wake up.

Thank you
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Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2012 8:52 am 
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Hello Michael and welcome to AskBaby

Your daughter's nighttime activity does sound 'normal' in as much as some children do take a long while to sleep all the way through the night, but some things that may help (if you aren't doing them already) is to have a night time routine that includes a warm bath, then very quiet time for an hour or more before going to bed, perhaps sitting with you or her mum and reading a book, listening to a story, listening to soothing music and having a bottle of warm milk, which can induce sleep. Perhaps having a lavender scent in her room will also promote calm and sleep? Have you tried having soft music in her room while she sleeps, maybe she would prefer some noise in the background to lull her to sleep more deeply? Also (again, you might already do this, but) ensure her room is dimly lit or dark, and if she wakes in the night, don't talk to her much when you settle her down again, keep the lights down low and whisper to her so as not to stimulate her into waking further.

As a new parent myself I can't suggest many more ideas, but I hope some more experienced mummies and daddies here can!
Good luck

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Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2012 9:04 am 
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Hi Micheal welcome to AskBaby Very Happy

My DD was similar, she was a real fidget bum (still is) she ends up all over her bed. It got to the point with Abigail where being in a cot seemed to disturb her more as she would get body parts stuck in places Laughing i think it was at 18 months or so that we took the sides off her bed and but a small bed guard on where her head is. Also the milk in bed was a nightmare for us. She used to wake up atleast once a night asking for more. Once we took this off her it really seemed to help. after this we sent her to bed with a beaker of juice ( as she is a thirsty girl) and she gets that as and when she needs it. Maybe stop her day time nap or shorten it to see if that helps.

Like Mingo has said a good nighttime rountine is always good too, if she is on the go and busy all day then a nice quiet bath/bedtime routine could really help!!

Hope things get better for you

Nat xx

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