How to make my baby sleep better

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Posted: Thu Aug 09, 2012 3:40 pm 
Post subject: How to make my baby sleep better
Hello everyone,
Just need a little bit of advice on how I could make my 9 month old baby sleep better. He has never been a great sleeper, has started sleeping through the night (from 7-8pm til 6am) at about 8 months and then the whole thing went out of the window within a few weeks. He is now screaming just at the sight of his bed whether it is during the day or in the evening and it takes ages for him to get to sleep. He will eventually fall asleep but not on his own anymore, I need to have him against me. We have always had the same routine in the evening: bath at 6pm followed by a massage, feed in a quiet place, his favourite cartoons (10mn of TV), story and bed although it doesnt seem to work. He sometimes go to sleep on his own but very rarely these days and he is waking up every 2 hours usually throughout the night, normally just as he has lost his dummy but for the past week he has been waking up between 00h and 3am and is full of beans so he ends up in our bed....
Now the daytime routine has always been irregular but he is usually sleeping once in the morning and once in the afternoon but the naps are lasting approximately 40mn each time although again this has proven to be all over the place for the past week... He has at the same time started to crawl and I feel he is too excited to discover new things to sleep... I am starting to work again in a couple of weeks and would like him to get a good sleeping pattern before I go back., Any advice on this? Thank you so much xx
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Posted: Thu Aug 09, 2012 8:03 pm 
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Am sure he will fall back into his old pattern soon, just keep going with the same routine you always have and try to resist taking him into your bed.

When they accomplish a new skill it can throw their sleeping out for a bit but it will settle again soon, promise!

Mandy xx
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