tearing hair out!

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Posted: Sun Aug 12, 2012 5:29 pm 
Post subject: tearing hair out!
My son is 9 and a half mths. I also have a 3yr old daughter. My son is driving me nuts just now! He is desperate to be gon his feet and uness someone is walking around with him he just screams. Now obv with another child I cant be oding this all day (plus its agony onthe back!) He has a walker that he sits in plus a push along walker and he does like these but soons gets bored and just wants a hand to hold and walk with. He has pulled himself up just a few times so he really is pretty dependant on someone always helping/doing it with him. He gets so angry which is the bit I am stressing about-is he develpoing a temper or is it just frustartion at wanting to walk?
I have tried leaving him to scream it out to see if that frustration will spur him on, but this isnt the case. He jsut screams and screams!
I have noticed too however that he is increasingly becoming a mummys boy and, as soon as is sat down, will head staright over to me and scream until I pick him up or walk with him. He has gone from being a happy smiley wee boy most of the time to a happy smiley wee just a little of the time and a temperamntal thing the rest of the time! Any thoughts?
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Posted: Sun Aug 12, 2012 7:30 pm 
Post subject:
Not sure but sounds like seperation anxiety kicking in and perhaps some frustration too.

Not got a lot of advice really, just reassurance when you arent able to go to him and just offer the push along walker as much as can i guess.

Sorry, hopefully someone else more helpful

MAndy xx
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