hcg levels..drop then back up please help

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Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2012 8:56 am 
Post subject: hcg levels..drop then back up please help
Hi everyone I'm new on here, I found the site as I was searching for advice and help.I'm in very eearly stage of pregnancy about 3 weeks now. My last period was 8th july I have a 28 day cycle, I started spotting bleeding even before my period was due then last monday I done a pregnancy test 6th august, as I have already had a ectopic pregnancy in 2006 and had my right tube removed iam really on the ball an keep a very close eye on my self if iam late on a period. So when the test showed up positive I went straight to a & e and explained my situation to them that I'm bleeding an got a positive pregnancy test. They took my hcg levels 6th august they were 132 on the 8th they dropped to 124 then on 10th 204 an on 12th 258...when they dropped to 124 the doctors said it looks like a early misscarrige like a chemical pregnancy as I was bleeding around the time my period was due, also I thought I had misscarried as I lost some blood clots and somthing similar to a blood clot but like tissue on it ( sorry for to much info )then they went back up and almost doubled so I'm back in square one not knowing wjats goin on with me I'm worried sick I need to know has this happened to anyone else. Then yesterday my levels only rised a bit so I'm being tested for a ectopic pregnancy I have a scan booked in in the morning to see if they can see where the pregnancy is.. I really feel that I have misscarried and they mention it could have been a mutipule pregnancy an that's why my levels dropped then trying to rise again as there is another baby there. I'm still bleeding today but its not as bad as 3 days ago also it don't really go in my pad its just there when I wipe and when I go to toilet it goes down the toilet ( really sorry for all the info) when I had a ectopic pregnancy in 2006 i didn't start to show signes untill my period was rougley 2 weeks late but this pregnancy I showed early signs I would of only been a week pregnant my perios wasn't even due..I'm going out of my mind I'm like a rollercoster up and down I just need to know wjats goin on with me so I can get on and deal with it its the not knowing I can't cope with..I've been trying for a baby since 2007 with no luck I was due to stary ivf this year between july-december this baby is so wanted I just pray to god everything is going to be ok. We were in total shock that we even conceived natural after all that time trying for a baby..have anyone had similar thing happen and gone on to have a healthy baby..leah xx
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