benefits, surely??

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Posted: Wed Jan 21, 2015 5:23 pm 
Post subject: benefits, surely??
hi all,
my 17 yr old daughter is due in march. she has been working in childcare for 26 hours a week since last march. she lives at home with us. we dont claim any kind of benefit as we both work etc. however, my daughter has applied for her surestart grant but been turned down due to not being on any kind of benefit in the first place. but surely she is entitled?? we are trying to get some working tax credits for her but the site is a minefield and because she didnt pay tax in the year 2013-2014 i think its coming back not eligible. she probably didnt pay much tax this year as she is on minimum wage. i thought working tax credit was to help people who want to work but dont have high paying jobs?? if anyone can point us in the right direction i would be grateful for any help. her boss has told her she will be eligible for maternity pay so she must be in the system somewhere??
thoughts appreciated
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