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Posted: Fri Sep 07, 2012 8:53 pm 
Post subject: Need some advise please
I have suffered 5 miscarriages since 2007 & I have 3 children (which I'm so grateful to have) my eldest son is 9 my daughter is 8 . I then went & suffered 3 heartbreaking miscarriages 1 in 2007 at 4 weeks & 1 in 2009 at nearly 3 months. & another in 2009 at 5 1/2 weeks. Then I had my little boy who has just turned 2. I then suffered a miscarriage at 4 weeks in feb this year 4 days before my hen do. I then fell pregnant on my honeymoon in April this year but sadly miscarried again at nearly 7 weeks. I'm sorry if I'm rambling but just wanted you's to know the full picture but my prob is this. All of my miscarriages hurt like hell but the 1 I lost at near 3 months was the worst! We went every week for scans after bleeding & pain but my little baby kept fighting! We had planned everything & I was convince I was having a boy & we named him Harley but sadly we lost him. My whole family knew & it was a very difficult time . Now I found out a few months ago at the same time I suffered my 5th m/c after my wedding that my niece who is having a baby was calling hers harley! Now that was hard enough to deal with I even took myself off Facebook coz I couldn't handle hearing that name. I love her dearly & want her to be happy but tht was what I was calling my baby. I even told her sister about how it was making me feel. But couldnt tell her as i thought i was not being fair . Now as I recovered from my m/c I began to deal irh the fact she was calling him Harley & thought it would be ok but tomorrow the 8th sept is the day my Harley was due 3 years ago & guess what she's gone over & being induced & was going to be having him today but hospital to busy . So she's having him tomorrow! Now I feel like I'm falling apart. I think someone up there is trying to torture me! I tried to talk to my best friend but she just told me to deal with it! I think she was harsh. I don't know how to deal with it, I'm in pieces. & I don't know what to do . Please any advise would be great x
Baby bean lost at 4 weeks on 2/11/2007
baby angel lost at 9 weeks 6 days on 6/2/09
baby bean at 5 weeks on 17/7/09
Baby bean at 4 weeks on 13/2/2012
Baby Paris at 6 weeks 5 days on 9/5/12
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Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2012 6:10 pm 
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im sorry ive only just seen this now and im assuming the baby is here now. did she call her harley in the end? it must be heartbreaking for you, not only loosing your babies but with your sister using the same name. i think its quite mean for her to carry on using it but if she has chosen it maybe you could try and think of it as a nice reminder? a little part of your baby living on?

i hope i havent upset you even more, i really feel for you and i would fall apart too if all of this had happened to me Sad im so sorry youve been dealt these cards xx
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