3month old constipated and given laxitives

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Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2012 9:16 pm 
Post subject: 3month old constipated and given laxitives
my 3 month old daughter has been constipated over the last few days, she has had the odd bowel movement but not frequently, my health visitor is on annual leave at the moment so made an appointment with the doctor instead, who prescribed laxatives for her, although ive heard that laxatives are not good for young babies!! not sure what to do,

can any mums who have had this problem give me any advice please Question Question
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Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 4:16 am 
Post subject: alternative medicine
The safest way to resolve the problem is to put a tiny peace of natural soap (Ivory soap is almost 100% pure) in your baby's rectum. Not deep. Just by the entrance...or exit Smile)) it works within minutes. i wouldnt use any laxatives because they kill the good bacteria.
Good luck! Laughing
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Posted: Mon Aug 06, 2012 3:49 pm 
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i have to little girls now one six and one 4 weeks old my six year old has had problems going to the toilet ever since she was a baby i found what worked the best for her was a little bit of sugar in boiling water Smile
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