Due in May..... symptoms?

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Posted: Sun Aug 26, 2012 9:41 pm 
Post subject: Due in May..... symptoms?
Im due May 5th with my 4th and really can't remember getting symptoms this early on? Although its over 4yrs since I was last pregnant lol.
So far I've had sore boobs, peeing alot, extreme tirdness, some slight nausea, headaches the last 2 days and cravings for cinnamon! Oh and this morning I woke with an awful blood taste in my mouth. I experienced all these (except the cinnamon craving!) in my other 3 pregnancies but really cant remember it being so early on?
This is mine and my partners first baby together so could it be because im with a new partner?? My other 3 children were with my ex husband.... just wondered if anyone knew if this could make a difference or is it just that every pregnancy is different. x
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Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2012 1:14 pm 
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I think it's just every pregnancy is different, my last two who were both with my OH were anyway, with one i knew before i even tested and was having morning sickness and dizzy spells from 5-6 weeks with the second I had no idea ,tested on my OH's insistance and was 13 1/2 weeks Embarassed with no symptoms at all Laughing
I remember having that horrible blood/metallic type taste though with a couple of mine ,but not quite so early as you , hope everything settles down for you soon x
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