Sperm donation or ICSI???

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Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2012 4:26 pm 
Post subject: Sperm donation or ICSI???
I am having a serious think about out fertility issues and would like to hear others take on everything if possible?

I have been with my hubby since we were both 15, we are 33 now. We have 4 kids together, all boys who are age 14, 12, 10 and 8. 7 years ago hubby had a vasectomy after a difficult pregnancy and post natal depression. I regretted it a few years later and have been getting increasingly broody every since.Our kids were all conceived really quickly and easily, usually within a month of trying (sorry if this offends anyone). Since having the kids i have developed PCOS and my periods are very erratic, although when i lose weight they do become more regular, i need to lose about 3 stone again.

We looked into having a reversal but with a cost of about £3500-£4000 and we were only given a 50/50 chance of it working. We ruled this out as we just dont have that kind of money and to save it would take years.
We have also looked at PESA at a cost of £1000 and IVF with egg sharing, this would then cost another £700 to convert to ICSI. We were going to go for this but having all the treatment for IVF when i already have kids seems so extreme.

I feel so guilty for wanting another child when i already have 4 and if i could get a tablet to stop feeling so broody i really would take it but there is yet no such thing. All i can think about is having another, as i am sure you will all be able to relate to.

I have recently started to look into sperm donation, not really thinking hubby would go for this, but he surprised me this morning by saying he would do this as long as it was between ourselves and that we bring the baby up as ours, with no one else knowing that it was conceived by donation. I am happy to do this, my hubby is a great father and would love the baby no matter what, but i am worried. I am not really sure about what really Confused Crying or Very sad Embarassed
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Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2012 7:30 am 
Post subject:
Personally I think i would have to try and have a baby using my OH's sperm first Question
I know sperm and egg donations are a fantastic thing and for some couples they couldn't have a baby without them and for them its the only choice ,and using an egg donor is something i did (briefly) consider (i'm 42 have had a failed tubal reversal and we did look into IVF and were told donor eggs have a higher success rate at my age Rolling Eyes ) But for me it just wasn't an option , I wanted my own genetic baby Question
If i was you my only concern would be that my OH might say yes its fine but when reality sets in and the baby is here and it maybe doesn't look like your other boys or has certain character traits that don't seem to come from either of you etc. that it might play on his mind Question
I'd say if you have any doubts don't do it, go for the PESA instead it might mean waiting longer whilst you save (and i know how hard that is having to wait 8yrs for my own reversal )
I understand your doubts about the IVF which is why i picked reversal over IVF in the first place as I thought it would be more stressful and less "natural" but honestly nothing could have been more stressful than the reversal, and a lot of the IVF Ladies find the treatment easier than they expected Question
I definately relate to wanting another, i've wanted a reversal since the day i had my sterilisation done, and wanted another baby for about 8yrs Shocked it doesn't seem to get any easier , I'd say if you can find a way to do it then go for it Smile xx
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