Stubborn little madam!

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Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2012 3:10 pm 
Post subject: Stubborn little madam!
Any advice will be gratefully recieved!

Phoebe will be 3 in November and is very strong willed and stubborn. I know she is ready for potty training, knows when she has gone in her nappy and on the occassions I can get her to keep a nappy off she will hold her wee in, for hours sometimes and ask for a nappy on so she can wee. The majority of the time if I try to keep her nappy off she will just go to the cupboard, get one out and ask for it on. If I ask her if she wants a wee, or to sit on her potty, she just says no thanks!

We went to Asda and she picked her own pants but doesn't want them on!
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