How to go about it?

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Posted: Fri Sep 14, 2012 10:31 pm 
Post subject: How to go about it?
Hey girlies.
LO is my first baby, he turns 2 in October, the last week or so he's been showing signs that he knows heneeds to wee, he'll grab his crotch, dance from foot to foot. The other day he did a little dance in front of me with his nappy off, sat on my lap and had a big wee all over me!
He doesn't talk yet and isn't very good at getting across what he wants.
I've been waiting for a sign like this that he understands the feeling before we even introduced a potty to the house. We've been trying to make sure he was around as much as possible when me or my OH go to the toilet so he can watch, we tell him we're going for a wee etc.
I plan on going to see the HV for advice soon but any extra advice you could give would be brilliant as i'm clueless.
How do you even start to get a speechless baby to understand what the potty is for?
He does have high understanding of what this is, what we're asking for when we say 'pass mummy...' etc. But i'm stumped on how to go about the entire thing. The last thing i want is for him to be frightened or anxious which he has been int he past when he's had a wee on the floor when his nappy is off. He seems shocked and sometimes a little upset about what has happened.
I think i'm more nervous than anything!
We'll be getting his potty out on Monday for him to get used to.
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