am i pregnant

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Posted: Fri Sep 14, 2012 3:48 pm 
Post subject: am i pregnant
I ddnt get my period dis months we'v bn trying 2 hv a baby so we started 2 go 2 Doctor july 2012 and he gav me some tablets like Folic acid and ddnt catch den and go bck again on 20 august 2012 so my period date start 28 last 4day all I saw wz lil blood not dat mch and wz not dat much red it wz brownish I always hv some cramps whn I'm about 2 get my period so I dd hv cramps and doctor gave me some tablets 2 use whn I get my period and he said whn I'm mestr.. Bt ddnt trust dat brownish thing so I ddnt use doz tablets. This months on 11 september 2012 I get lil cramps like I'm about 2 start my period and de only thing I saw wz brown discharge and yesterday it wz pinkish. No symptoms like others so its really bothering me dis thing. Yes last year I hd some period problem bt dis year my period wz f9 so dis thing scare me. I'm waiting 2 c dis month if I cn get my normal period if not I'm going 2 my Dr. Any1 cn help me any1 notice dis I'm so confuse plzzz help me thnk u.I'm new wif dis line I'm crossing my finger 2 b heard.
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Posted: Sat Sep 15, 2012 9:01 am 
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If you had a period that was much lighter than usual and have just had bits of bleeding since i would take a pregnancy test, as lots of women have spotting in early pregnancy especially around the time they expected their period , and in the first 6 -8 weeks , so you could be pregnant, if you aren't then I would see your GP as bleeding in between preiods can be down to other things , Good luck xx
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