Baby straining, siezing and grunting in sleep, shake head to

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Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2012 6:19 pm 
Post subject: Baby straining, siezing and grunting in sleep, shake head to
Hi there, my baby is just 4 weeks now and she has in the past 2 nights had very disturbed sleep. She will go through fits of what seems like extreme cramping. She will jerk her entire body, let out strained grunts and wheezes and shake her head violently from side to side...occationally letting out a little toot. She has never done this before, and I don't think it's just something that babies do that she will grow out of (which is all I've found when searching this). Something is def going on. Yesterday I gave her gas drops and it seemed to work for a bit ( the day before I had eggs for the first time since she's been born) and yesterday I had a plant based protein shake ( but dairy free???). I tried giving her the drops early on tonight, but they just caused her to make some very distressing wheezing coughing noises. Please help, idk what's going on and she seems pained/distressed. Sad
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