Anyone know anything about Hypothyroidism?

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Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2012 3:29 pm 
Post subject: Anyone know anything about Hypothyroidism?
I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism shortly after having Imogen (now 2 and a half) and then my dose of thyroxine was increased while I was carrying Jenny (now 10wks). The dose was reduced back to normal immediately after birth and a blood test confirmed all was well. Repeat bloods result arrived today and it turns out I'm now being slightly overtreated.

Well thinking about it, I've been having little dizzy spells lately and I wondered if that could be the cause? It's not been enough to be bothered going to the docs about and in fact I never thought to ask the doc when she phoned to tell me to adjust my dose of thyroxine slightly. Does anyone know if that could be linked?

Also, does that mean it's now going to be even harder to lose the baby weight now I don't have a nice excess of thyroxine in my system to metabolise it all?

And finally, is it possible that my body might be rectifying itself (as sometimes happens when hypothyroidism is post-partum, but really that would have happened within 12 months of having Imogen, not following a subsequent pregnancy).

Thanks xx

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