is it possible?

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Posted: Sat Sep 22, 2012 12:11 pm 
Post subject: is it possible?
so i had a period on monday the 10th, which was 3ish days late, not too exact coz theyve been allover the last 3 months. it lasted 4 days which is normal for me. i wasnt heavy as usual, and had no cramp, was more of a browny colour, with a bit of blood on day 2, i felt sick for around a week before my period and after.

2 weeks later im having egg white mucus discharge which i get every month around this time, symballing ovulation yes? but im having cramps like im about to come on :s and ive been getting hot flushes like when i was pregnant last time. -
- (i had an ectopic pregnancy in october last year, lost my right tube at 7 weeks)

am i thinking too much into it? if i did have a period or bleeding, thats not a good sign. so im scared to test!

im probably just ovulating, just ive never had cramp before this time of the month..

is it possible i could be pregnant even though i bled?
A face we never met, a heartbeat we never heard, the fingers we never touched - 12/10/2011 the day we lost our baby to ectopic.
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Posted: Sun Sep 23, 2012 9:43 am 
Post subject:
Its possible to have bleeding thats as heavy as a period and still be pregnant , its not always a sign there's anything wrong either , egg white type cm can be a sign of ovualtion but its caused by your oesrogen rising so you can get it at other times too, and its possibkle to get it while pregnant (although most pregnant women seem to notice white cm Question )
Cramps can be normal around ovulation, your uterus can cramp from the change in hormones, and hot flushes can also be normal as your progesterone levels rise
As you have had a previous ectopic I would test personally after an unusual period just in case Question
Cahnces are you're not and it is ovulation but at least if you are you can arrange an early scan to put your mind at rest xx
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