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Posted: Sun Sep 23, 2012 12:28 pm 
Post subject: Frustrated!!!!
My daughter has been asking to use toilet on/off at home but not at nursery for a few months now so we just went with
the flow with her. Then she announced about three weeks ago she is a big girl and doesn't want to wear nappies anymore so we tried the pull ups to see how she goes with it all.
She has done great at home and nursery with pull ups and asking to go to toilet for a wee and poo.
Till about 2 nights ago she decided she was too busy playing and doesn't need to go to toilet so she obviously uses her pull ups now. We continually ask her to use the loo but refuses so I had a chat with her about being a big girl and using the toilet but if not using toilet we have to use the nappies???
Her speech/development is very advanced for her age and mixes with the other toddlers/preschoolers at nursery so not quite sure what to do maybe we should carry on with the pull ups at home/nursery but maybe when she is back at nursery for the next 3 days she will go back to being a big girl using the toilet with her friends.

Anybody else in this position?
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