How much milk?!

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Posted: Fri Sep 28, 2012 8:11 pm 
Post subject: How much milk?!
So - my baby boy only ever took one bottle when he was tiny - then refused all bottles and was breastfed only! Since I tried the TT closer to nature bottles yesterday and today though he actually takes them! Yey! Only had 3oz each time as that was all I had expressed for him around his normal feeds... but he took them and was happy! Very Happy

Now I have introduced a new routine as he's 6 months and on three 'meals' a day - so I get up, give him boob milk, then breakfast, then lunch, then a bottle of expressed milk mid-afternoon before his longest nap of the day, then dinner and then boob milk at bedtime so that he's having boob twice a day (beginning and end of the day) and a bottle of boob milk mid-afternoon only.

Only thing is - having never fed him with a bottle before and being our first few days of this - I have no idea how much to expect him to drink?! How much do I need to express for his 3pm feed? Roughly? The main reason for knowing is because I have a freezer full of expressed milk in bags and need to know how much to defrost for him. I don't want to defrost and reheat 9oz if that is always going to be way too much and waste it but I also don't want to defrost too little and end up boob-feeding him in the day time as this is what I'm trying to stop doing so that I can go shopping or go to the dentist or whatever and leave him with someone - where as before he was having boob every 2-3 hours (yes - even at 5-6months!) and I was totally tied!

Any advice would be very much appreciated about how much I should be offering him at that mid-afternoon feed?

(Oh - and he still feeds every 4 hours through the night so makes up for the boob time then anyway, but I don't mind the night feeds, they're quite relaxing and calming... it's just the daytime when I need to get stuff done!!! Very Happy ) x

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Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 1:09 pm 
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Well if you go on what a formula fed baby would have, it would be 8oz every four hours at that age. But Charlie can't drink that much and is on 6oz bottles (drinks 3-5) every three hours (but not on three meals a day yet). I would try 6 or 7oz bottle as he is on three meals a day. If he doesn't take it all at once offer him some more of the same bottle later. Charlie will normaly only take 3oz then has the rest later. You can keep formula bottles for 2 hours. Not sure about breastmilk but must be similar as it's sterile. You could try formula aswell if it makes life easier? Smile
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Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2012 9:06 pm 
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I think it is almost impossible to say i am afraid!

Does he drain the three ounces you give him? If he does, next time try him with four ounces for a couple days, if he is draining that, increase again, keep increasing by an ounce every couple of days till you get to a point where he is leaving half an ounce at the end of a feed. then you know he is getting all he wants.

Sounds a good plan MAyo, i really do need to have more of a routine, we were on a kind of routine once but we seem to have slipped into demand feeding! Not good at six months! (IMO)

I go back to work in feb so he will still be having milk in the day by then, if he is like his sister, who was still having four feeds a day at 11 months. So I do need to look at introducing bottles or a cup or something for daytime feeds soon.

MAndy x
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