Baby wont sleep at night till 4am

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Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2012 4:36 pm 
Post subject: Baby wont sleep at night till 4am
Hi everyone,

We have a 3 month old baby, Her sleeping is really getting us down, She dont go to sleep till about 4.00 ish AM every night but were waking her up at 10:00 , she has a wash, bottle and changed and haves a play. she has a nap about 1.00 for about a hour and maybe has one about 5.00 ish because she cant keep awake. then that will be it till 4 am, she should be getting 15 hours but she is only pushing 8-9 hours , Last night she had a bath at 7.30 in moses basket at 8.00 with a bottle. but at night she thinks its playtime or she would cry even though there is nothing wrong with her. We really need help with our little girl as we have tried everything and i mean everything

Please suggest any ideas to me

Thank you[/b]
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Posted: Mon Jul 16, 2012 8:06 am 
Post subject:
What have you tried. We had a similar problem with Jamie in that he just wouldn't sleep at all. We found co-sleeping worked for us as he would lay quietly with us and then eventually learnt to sleep. If you don't want that then you could always try laying on the bed with her in the dark to help her learn that its nighttime. We used to have Jamie in a sleeping bag so we could ease him back into the moses basket. We were worried it would lead to bed habits but decided we had to teach him to sleep first and then we'd worry about where he slept and actually never had any problems getting him back in his cot.

Does she have anything with her or on her cot? Jamie used to have something that attached to the side of his cot and played music and projected pictures on the ceiling. Sometimes it could take an hour or more but you could put it on and least encourage him to lay quietly.

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Posted: Thu Sep 06, 2012 1:12 pm 
Post subject: My Toddler loves night outs
He is about 2.25 years now, and off late has seen a change in his sleeping habits. While he used to sleep off by 2200 hrs usually, for the past few months he is now awake until 0030-0100, and is hyperactive in this duration! He is not afraid of the dark, so turning out lights doesnt help either- he keeps playing on his own in his room Shocked .

He loves his dad the most, who used to lull him to sleep every night. These days he's not around (gone for a few months), and he keeps remembring his dad in the night. He keeps bringing the story books his dad used to read, keeps asking me to lull him the way his dad did....but he soon gets bored of me Sad
Has anyone faced this before? If you know of some way in which i can make him sleep on time without missing his dad, it will be a great help for us.[/size]
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Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2012 8:47 pm 
Post subject: SLEEP!!
[url]<a href="" target="_top">Click Here!</a>[/url]

Got this and it worked!!
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Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2012 12:32 am 
Post subject: Basic Principles of Baby Sleep
Hi Hayley

I have just written a book on baby sleep and have been helping lots of parents since.

In my book I cover some basic principles to help your baby sleep. They are treat day as day and night as night, observe your baby, help your baby to self-settle, follow a routine, persevere, be consistent, be patient and be proud.

I recently wrote an article for a blog which outlines four of these principles: treat day as day and night as night, observe your baby, help your baby to self-settle, follow a routine.

Read the article here:

Jess from 'From There to Hear' tried out my methods and her son was settling himself to sleep at 7pm within a few days.

Read about her experiences here:

If you want to know more just ask. I am always happy to help sleep deprived parents and babies.

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