retrograde ejaculation?

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Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2012 2:25 am 
Post subject: retrograde ejaculation?
hello ladies, my husband has retrograde ejaculation. i was just wondering if anyone had any insight on this and is currently going through the steps on ttc with this issue. anything at all would be a great help. my hubby n i have been ttc for 14 months now and found out about his issue a few months ago but have been takin it easy to get our thoughts together on the whole situation. thank you.
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Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2012 7:47 am 
Post subject:
From what i understand about retrograde ejaculation the sperm are actually sent back into the bladder instead of out of the penis with the ejaculation , so I would have thought the chances of you conceiving without treatment of some kind would be very slim to none i'm afraid Question
I'm surprised your doctor hasn't gone over this with you ? (or maybe he has so i'm sorry if i'm repeating what you already know Smile )
There can be a couple of reasons for it, sometimes the sphincter muscle at the entrance to the bladder is a little weak and doesn't close properly at orgasm which allows the semen to go backwards into the bladder , this can normally be sorted with a minor operation as long as its not weak because of nerve damage .
Or there can be a blockage in the duct that the semen needs to travel along which physically prevents it coming out or it can be related to diabetes, or taking certain meds , really you need to see a specialist about it to decide what the next step is.
If trying medications to help with bladder weakness doesn't help and an operation can't sort it there is still hope though because the sperm can be retrieved from the bladder after ejaculation and then its washed and used for IUI (as long as there are enough retrieved and are no female infertility issues as well) or it can be used in IVF either with or without ICSI , sometimes sperm might need to be retrieved directly from the testicles in the same way they are from men who've had vasectomies Smile
It's not been an issue for us, but I did some research after finding out while TTC my OH had developed an epidiymal cyst that halved his sperm count ( Rolling Eyes ) and its amazing what they can do these days, as long as they get as many sperm as eggs then you could have a great chance with IVF and a lot of men with this problem will have normal sperm counts its just going the wrong way, so you might well only need IUI Smile
Good luck xx
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