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Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2012 7:53 pm 
Post subject: Help
i have a 1 yr old son who been walking for 2 months now but now im at a stage where i keep telling him no i feel like im constantly at him im at my witts end he keeps climing the sofa trying to get to the corner table which has hot drinks on it make me feel sooo bad that i have to kee saying no to him iv tried destracting him but nothing work once he got that table in site its all he want i really dont know what to do do i keep on telling him no or has anyone got any other tips i hate seeing him cry makes me feel like a bad person but i dont what him to get hurt
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Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2012 3:55 pm 
Post subject:
Hm, I'm still saying no non-stop at my DS.... Goes through phases.. Right now he is
constantly climbing all over his little sister...

Quite normal to say no alot, but I try and do it in different ways - e.g. distract him before he does the thing he mustn't, tell him its not a toy, its not safe etc.. rather than just NO.

Not sure where exactly your sofa is in relation to the table and how easy it is for your LO to get to, but maybe stop putting hot drinks there for now.

We reasonably child proofed our house for DS, he was never into things he shouldn't be. But our DD....... she is constantly looking for trouble and getting into things she shouldn't so we are going to have to be alot more vigiliant for the childproofing with her... Smile


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