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Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2012 6:11 pm 
Post subject: Still swaddling
My 7 month old baby is so wriggly and easily startled, I still have to swaddle her for naps and night time. I've tried weaning her out of this by having one arm out, but it waves about so much she can't get to sleep. It seems like she's fustrated as she's really tied but can't control her limbs enough to get to sleep. My concern is that she can't be swaddled for much longer as she'll outgrow the swaddle and also when she can roll back to front she won't be able to get back onto her back. I'd like to be able to put her in a sleeping bag, but i dont know how i can get her to sleep as theres too much room for her to wriggle about. I've even considered fastening up the arm holes to keep her arms by her side untill she's used to it, but that won't stop her legs moving and waking her up.
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Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2012 9:06 am 
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My 6 month old boy wriggles lots just before he goes to sleep. He kicks his legs mainly and rolls around. It signals to me that he is almost off to dreamland so I let him get on with it. He also cries with frustration again just because he is tired. He learnt to roll onto his front about 6 weeks ago and for the first week I was in and out of his room as he couldn't sleep on his front. He soon learned to sleep on his front and can now roll back if he wants to. Maybe you could try putting your baby to bed without a swaddle and let her kick about for a while. It won't do her any harm, she probably just needs to learn to sleep without a swaddle. Treat it a bit like self soothing. At 7 months she should have good strong neck muscles so sleeping on her front shouldn't be a problem (she should be able to turn her head if she needs to) but you could get a breathing monitor like me for reassurance. As she gets older she will want to be able to change her sleeping postions just like we do. I am using sleeping bags but once my baby can stand I am going to put him in an all in one fleece suit as they can fall over when standing in sleeping bags. Hope this helps, good luck! Very Happy

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