Bit of advice needed x

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Posted: Sat Aug 04, 2012 3:14 pm 
Post subject: Bit of advice needed x
I split with my partner who done some awful things. My son is now a year old and he has constantly been in and out of his life, leaving us with no support for months at a time. He has met a new partner who has already met my son. Through some deceiving on my sons part. This woman has a ten year old son who her mother cares for so she can have her life and career! I have had a few arguments with my ex, now many as he does not like confrontation, if u had heard the things he had done he's got off lightly with a few choice words believe me! He says he will not speak to me and does not want to see me but he wants to see my son. He is a stranger to his son so is his family. My door has been always open to them all. I have struggled for a year with no support. His sister said that she will now liaise with me but has been rude. She is a stranger to me and I feel uncomfortable. She said they will take me to court and get joint access. Will they? I have offered mediation with my ex but he has since changed his number so they or I cannot contact him. I want him to see his son but I want to be present until he is not a stranger and knows how to care for him. He has only had him once b4 and had a woman staying and did not contact me for 7 hours at which point I had to go round and see if he was on. He hid the woman and would only talk to me through a window!! Can he get away with not seeing his son. I want him to but on the other hand I'm so scared of a court saying he can take him away from me Sad so upset
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Posted: Sun Sep 23, 2012 5:47 pm 
Post subject:
hi bethjayne,

i have just split with my husband and im having some similar issues.

just remeber uve done nothing wrong as u say ur door has always been open for him to have contact with your son and the fact that hes bringing women into his life is not good, the time he spends with his son shud be just him and his son for now.

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